Qt-based custom UIs

This is the most recently developed custom UI type and offers functionalities based on the Qt framework. It is courtesy of Federico Ferri. Since it is wrapped in a V-REP plugin (v_repExtCustomUI), it is also relatively easy for users to extend its functionality. The source code to that plugin can be found in programming/v_repExtCustomUI. We highly recommend you to use this type of custom user interface.

The Qt-based custom UI offers Qt-style widgets such as dialogs integrating buttons, edit-boxes, sliders, labels, images, etc. Any action on custom UIs (e.g. button-click, text edition, slider movement) is reported as a script callback. Other functions are accessed via related API function calls. This allows customizing a simulation to a great extent. Following displays a typical Qt-based custom UI:

[Qt-based custom UI example]

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