Geometric constraint solver

V-REP's inverse kinematics calculation module is very powerful and flexible. It allows solving in a fast and accurate way any type of forward/inverse kinematic problem if applied correctly. It may however be tedious and difficult to use depending on the mechanism or the kinematic knowledge level of the user. The geometric constraint solver on the other hand, is slower and less precise at solving kinematic problems, but might be easier and more intuitive to use. Moreover, it allows interacting with a mechanism in a more flexible way than the inverse kinematics calculation module. Following figures illustrate the geometric constraint solver applied to a complicated mechanism:

[Geometric constraint solver handling a complicated mechanism (1) initial situation, (2) during simulation, (3) interaction with the mechanism]

Some results of the geometric constraint solver can be recorded by graph objects. Refer to graphs and graph data stream types for more information about how to record geometric constraint solver data.

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