The mirror objects in V-REP can have two distinct functions:

  • they can act as mirrors and will reflect images/light
  • they can also act as auxiliary clipping planes. A clipping plane forbids rendering past a specific plane in space, effectively "cutting" into the view and allowing to look inside of closed objects. The clipping plane function can be applied to the whole scene, or to a specific entity.
  • Following images illustrate the dual functions of mirrors:

    [Mirror functions: a) as regular mirrors, b) as auxiliary clipping planes]

    The effect of mirrors can be seen when looking through a camera, or when displaying the image content of a vision sensor (since mirrors are renderable objects). Old graphic cards might not correctly support mirrors.

    Use mirrors with caution: they slow down the scene display, and won't reflect other mirrors. You can however have as many mirrors as needed. Clipping planes on the other hands are limited to a maximum of 5, or even less depending on your graphic card capabilities.

    Mirrors are added to the scene with [Menu bar --> Add --> Mirror].

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