Object selection dialog

The object selection dialog is a convenient way to select objects based on their type, without having to browse through the scene hierarchy. The dialog can also be used to invert item selection when in shape edit mode or path edit mode. It can be accessed with [Menu bar --> Tools --> Selection] or by clicking following toolbar button:

[Object selection dialog toolbar button]

[Object selection dialog]

  • Simple shapes: selects all simple shapes in the scene.
  • Compound shapes: selects all compound shapes in the scene.
  • Dummies: selects all dummies in the scene.
  • Mills: selects all mills in the scene.
  • Cameras: selects all cameras in the scene.
  • Lights: selects all lights in the scene.
  • Proximity sensors: selects all proximity sensors in the scene.
  • Vision sensors: selects all vision sensors in the scene.
  • Force sensors: selects all force sensors in the scene.
  • Joints: selects all joints in the scene.
  • Graphs: selects all graphs in the scene.
  • Paths: selects all paths in the scene.
  • Octrees: selects all octrees in the scene.
  • Point clouds: selects all pointClouds in the scene.
  • Mirrors: selects all mirrors in the scene.
  • Clear Selection: clears current selection (objects or items)
  • Invert Selection: inverts current selection (selected objects or items get unselected, and unselected objects or items get selected)

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