Path and motion planning

WARNING: Since V-REP release 3.3.0, a plugin wrapping the OMPL library is available. It is highly recommended to use the path planning API functions offered by that plugin, instead of using this old built-in path/motion planning functionality, since the plugin/OMPL approach is much more flexible and scalable. The following documentation is deprecated.

V-REP offers path/motion planning calculations for:

  • rigid objects in 3D space (holonomic path planning in 2-6 dimensions)
  • car-like vehicles in the plane (non-holonomic path planning)
  • kinematic chains (path planning in the configuration space)
  • For the sake of simplification, the above first 2 items are grouped in the path planning module, and the last item is represented by the motion planning module.

    Recommended topics

  • Path planning module
  • Motion planning module