Path properties

The path properties are part of the scene object properties dialog, which is located at [Menu bar --> Tools --> Scene object properties]. You can also open the dialog with a double-click on an object icon in the scene hierarchy, or with a click on its toolbar button:

[Scene object properties toolbar button]

In the scene object properties dialog, click the Path button to display the path dialog (the Path button only appears if the last selection is a path). The dialog displays the settings and parameters of the last selected path. If more than one path is selected, then some parameters can be copied from the last selected path to the other selected paths (Apply to selection-buttons):

[Path dialog]

  • Distance unit: path position or path length calculation method.
  • Show path shaping dialog: toggles the path shaping dialog.
  • Show orientation of points: displays the x-, y- and z-axis of each Bezier point.
  • Show path line: displays a line linking all Bezier points.
  • Show current position on path: displays a red sphere indicating the current path position (the current position along the path).
  • Adjust line color: allows adjusting the color of a path (i.e. the line color). This is different from the color of a mesh obtained by path shaping.
  • Line size: width of the line linking all Bezier points.
  • Size of ctrl points: size of the cubes representing the control points. Control points are only visible when the path is selected or when it is in path edit mode.

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