Regular API function

simAddStatusbarMessage / sim.addStatusbarMessage

Description Adds a message to the status bar. See also sim.auxiliaryConsoleOpen.
C synopsis simInt simAddStatusbarMessage(const simChar* message)
C parameters
message: message. Will clear the status bar if message is NULL. If message has an "@html" suffix, then the statusbar will correctly interpret html font color tags, e.g.:
<font color="#F00">Hello</font> World!@html
C return value
-1 if operation was not successful. In a future release, a more differentiated return value might be available
Lua synopsis number result=sim.addStatusbarMessage(string message)
Lua parameters
Same as C-function
Lua return values
Same as C-function
Remote API equiv.
B0-based remote API: simxAddStatusbarMessage
Legacy remote API: simxAddStatusbarMessage

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