Regular API function

simAuxiliaryConsoleOpen / sim.auxiliaryConsoleOpen (remote API equivalent: simxAuxiliaryConsoleOpen)

Description Opens an auxiliary console window for text display. This console window is different from the application main console window. Console window handles are shared across all simulator scenes. See also sim.auxiliaryConsolePrint, sim.auxiliaryConsoleClose and sim.addStatusbarMessage.
C synopsis simInt simAuxiliaryConsoleOpen(const simChar* title,simInt maxLines,simInt mode,const simInt* position,const simInt* size,const simFloat* textColor,const simFloat* backgroundColor)
C parameters
title: the title of the console window
maxLines: the number of text lines that can be displayed and buffered
mode: bit-coded value. Bit0 (1) set indicates that the console window will automatically close at simulation end (when called from a simulation script, the consle window will always automatically close at simulation end), bit1 (2) set indicates that lines will be wrapped, bit2 (4) set indicates that the user can close the console window, bit3 (8) set indicates that the console will automatically be hidden during simulation pause, bit4 (16) set indicates that the console will not automatically hide when the user switches to another scene.
position: the initial position of the console window (x and y value). Can be NULL
size: the initial size of the console window (x and y value). Can be NULL
textColor: the color of the text (rgb values, 0-1). Can be NULL
backgroundColor: the background color of the console window (rgb values, 0-1). Can be NULL
C return value
-1 if operation was not successful. Otherwise a console window handle
Lua synopsis number consoleHandle=sim.auxiliaryConsoleOpen(string title,number maxLines,number mode,table_2 position=nil,table_2 size=nil,table_3 textColor=nil,table_3 backgroundColor=nil)
Lua parameters
Same as C-function. Last 4 parameters can be omitted too.
Lua return values
Same as C-function

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