Regular API function

simCheckCollision / sim.checkCollision

Description Checks whether two entities are colliding. Detection is silent (no visual feedback) compared to sim.handleCollision. Also, the collidable flags of the entities are overridden if the entities are objects. See also sim.readCollision and sim.checkCollisionEx.
C synopsis simInt simCheckCollision(simInt entity1Handle,simInt entity2Handle)
C parameters
entity1Handle: handle of entity 1 (can be an object handle or a collection handle)
entity2Handle: handle of entity 2 (can be an object handle or a collection handle), or sim_handle_all to check entity1 against all other collidable objects
C return value
-1 in case of an error, 0 or 1 to indicate a collision state
Lua synopsis number result=sim.checkCollision(number entity1Handle,number entity2Handle)
Lua parameters
Same as C-function
Lua return values
Same as C-function
Remote API equiv.
B0-based remote API: simxCheckCollision
Legacy remote API: -

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