Regular API function


Description Retrieves an object's custom data previously added with the simAddObjectCustomData function. See also simReadCustomDataBlock.
C synopsis simInt simGetObjectCustomData(simInt objectHandle,simInt header,simChar* data)
C parameters
objectHandle: handle of the object
header: identifier of the custom data. See simAddObjectCustomData for details.
data: pointer to a data buffer allocated by the user. Use simGetObjectCustomDataLength to adjust the buffer size.
C return value
-1 if operation was not successful. In a future release, a more differentiated return value might be available
Lua synopsis string data=simGetObjectCustomData(number objectHandle,number header)
Lua parameters
Same as C-function
Lua return values
nil if operation was not successful. Otherwise the custom data (might be an empty string if custom data doesn't exist).

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