Regular API function


Description Retrieves a double-precision float array from an array-type table at the top of the stack. Table values that are not numbers are converted to 0.0. See also simGetStackTableInfo and the other stack functions.
C synopsis simInt simGetStackDoubleTable(simInt stackHandle,simDouble* array,simInt count)
C parameters
stackHandle: a stack handle obtained with simCreateStack.
array: a pointer to a location receiving the double values. Use simGetStackTableInfo to determine the number of values the table contains.
count: the size of the array. If the array is bigger than the table, it will be padded with 0.0.
C return value
-1 in case of an error, 0 if item is not an array or does not contain only numbers, 1 otherwise.
Lua synopsis -
Lua parameters
Lua return values

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