Regular API function

simInsertObjectIntoOctree / sim.insertObjectIntoOctree

Description Inserts an object into an octree, as voxels. Each voxel will store a color and a tag value. See also sim.subtractObjectFromOctree, sim.insertVoxelsIntoOctree and the other octree related functions.
C synopsis simInt simInsertObjectIntoOctree(simInt octreeHandle,simInt objectHandle,simInt options,const simUChar* color,simUInt tag,simVoid* reserved)
C parameters
octreeHandle: the handle of the octree. See also simGetObjectHandle
objectHandle: the handle of the object to insert. Only potentially collidable objects are supported
options: reserved. Set to 0
color: a pointer to one RGB triple, specifying the red, green and blue color components (0-255). Can be NULL.
tag: a uint32 value, which is user-defined.
reserved: reserved for future extensions. Set to NULL
C return value
-1 if operation was not successful, otherwise the total number of voxels in the octree
Lua synopsis number totalVoxelCnt=sim.insertObjectIntoOctree(number octreeHandle,number objectHandle,number options,table color=nil,number tag=0)
Lua parameters
Same as C-function
Lua return values
Same as C-function

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