Regular API function

simMoveToObject / sim.moveToObject

Description Moves an object to the position/orientation of another moving object (target object) by performing interpolations (i.e. the object will effectiviely follow the target object). If the target object is a path, a position on the path can be specified. If the target object is not moving, use rather sim.getObjectPosition, sim.getObjectOrientation or sim.getPositionOnPath, sim.getOrientationOnPath in conjunction with sim.rmlMoveToPosition. This function can only be called from child scripts running in a thread (since this is a blocking operation) and is not available from the C-API. See also sim.followPath.
C synopsis -
C parameters
C return value
Lua synopsis number deltaTimeLeft=sim.moveToObject(number objectHandle,number targetObjectHandle,number positionAndOrOrientation,number relativeDistanceOnPath,number velocity,number acceleration)
Lua parameters
objectHandle: handle of the object to be moved
targetObjectHandle: handle of the object to be followed
positionAndOrOrientation: a value between 1 and 3 (1: only position is modified, 2: only orientation is modified, 3: position and orientation is modified). Can be nil in which case 3 is applied.
relativeDistanceOnPath: a value between 0 and 1, where 0 is the beginning of the path, and 1 the end of the path. Make sure you selected the appropriate path length calculation method. Can be nil in which case the path object is treated as a regular object.
velocity: movement velocity expressed in 1/s (i.e. the inverse of the velocity indicates the time that will be taken to reach the target object)
acceleration: the acceleration/deceleration expressed in 1/s^2. Can be nil in which case an infinite acceleration is applied.
Lua return values
deltaTimeLeft: if the time needed to reach the target object is not a multiple of the simulation time step, then deltatimeLeft is the execution time left at current simulation time. deltaTimeLeft is also memorized internally on a thread-basis and used as compensation or correction factor in subsequent blocking commands. deltaTimeLeft is nil in case of an error.

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