Regular API function


Registers a script function for auto-completion, syntax highlighting and call-tip display (in the V-REP internal code editor). Useful for script function definitions inside of a Lua file, loaded by a plugin.
C synopsis
See simRegisterScriptCallbackFunction instead that allows to register C/C++ function callbacks
C parameters
C return value
Lua synopsis
number result=sim.registerScriptFunction(string funcNameAtPluginName,string callTips)
Lua parameters
functNameAtPluginName: name of the function, combined with the plugin name it is associated with: functionName@pluginName. Avoid using too simple function names, otherwise they might clash with other plugins. Also, always use the simXX. prefix (e.g. simMyPlugin.myCustomFunction) for the function name. The plugin name should be the exact same name used while loading the plugin via simLoadModule (if the plugin name is v_repExtMyPlugin.dll, this should be MyPlugin).
callTips: call tips: string (or several strings separated by '@') that indicates the input/output argument type/size. Call tips appear in the script editor when the function was typed followed by "(".
Lua return values
result: 1 if function was registered, 0 if function was replaced (when that function name already existed), -1 in case of an error

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