Regular API function

simSubtractObjectFromPointCloud / sim.subtractObjectFromPointCloud

Description Removes an object from a point cloud, as a subtraction. See also sim.insertPointsIntoPointCloud, sim.insertObjectIntoPointCloud, sim.removePointsFromPointCloud and the other point cloud related functions.
C synopsis simInt simSubtractObjectFromPointCloud(simInt pointCloudHandle,simInt objectHandle,simInt options,simFloat tolerance,simVoid* reserved)
C parameters
pointCloudHandle: the handle of the point cloud. See also simGetObjectHandle
objectHandle: the handle of the object to subtract. Only potentially measurable objects are supported.
options: reserved. Set to 0
tolerance: a distance used as a tolerance value
reserved: reserved for future extensions. Set to NULL
C return value
-1 if operation was not successful, otherwise the total number of points in the point cloud
Lua synopsis number totalPointCnt=sim.subtractObjectFromPointCloud(number pointCloudHandle,number objectHandle,number options,number tolerance)
Lua parameters
Same as C-function
Lua return values
Same as C-function

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