Regular API function

simTubeRead / sim.tubeRead

Description Receives a data packet from a communication tube previously opened with sim.tubeOpen. The tube needs to be connected (see sim.tubeStatus).
C synopsis simChar* simTubeRead(simInt tubeHandle,simInt* dataLength)
C parameters
tubeHandle: the handle of the tube that was returned by the simTubeOpen function.
dataLength: size of the returned data packet
C return value
Pointer to a data packet, or NULL if nothing could be read. The user is in charge of releasing the returned buffer with simReleaseBuffer.
Lua synopsis string data=sim.tubeRead(number tubeHandle,boolean blockingOperation=false)
Lua parameters
tubeHandle: Same as C-function
blockingOperation: if true, then the call will block until something can be read or until an error occurred. The script should be threaded in that case. Default value is false.
Lua return values
data: string containing the received data, or nil in case of an error or if no data is present. If received data is packed, see also the data packing/unpacking functions.

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