Regular API function


Description Unpacks a string (or part of it) into a table of unsigned integer numbers. See also simPackUInts and the other packing/unpacking functions.
C synopsis -
C parameters
C return value
Lua synopsis table unsignedIntegerNumbers=simUnpackUInts(string data,number startUIntIndex=0,number uIntCount=0,number additionalCharOffset=0)
Lua parameters
data: a string (values between 0 and 255) that contains packed unsigned integer numbers
startUIntIndex: the zero-based index from which on data should be unpacked (from data[4*startUIntIndex+1+additionalCharOffset]). Can be omitted in which case 0 is used
uIntCount: the amount of uints that should be unpacked. Can be omitted in which case 0 is used (which indicates that the maximum of uints should be unpacked from the indicated startUIntIndex)
additionalCharOffset: a char offset that will be added before reading the uints. Can be omitted, in which case 0 is used.
Lua return values
integerNumbers: a table containing unpacked unsigned integer numbers if operation was successful, nil otherwise

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