Script dialog

The script dialog is located at [Menu bar --> Tools --> Scripts]. Alternatively, it can also be accessed through its toolbar button:

[Script toolbar button]

[Script dialog]

  • Insert new script: allows adding new scripts.
  • Script listing: all scripts that are loaded. Scripts can be removed by using the delete-key. A double-click opens the script in the script editor. A script can also be opened with a double-click on a script icon in the scene hierarchy.
  • Disabled: indicates whether the script is enabled or disabled. For a given model, it is also possible to disable all of its child- and customization scripts in the model dialog.
  • Execute just once: this item applies only to threaded child scripts. When this item is unchecked, then a thread that ended will be relaunched by the main script.
  • Disable with error: since customization scripts run constantly, it can be difficult to react to a script error. By enabling this checkbox, a customization script will disable itself upon an error.
  • Associated object: object that is currently associated with the script.
  • Execution order: specifies the execution order for a scripts. The execution order only has an effect on scripts located on similar hierarchy level.

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