When the focus is on the scene hierarchy or a page, following shortcut keys are supported:

  • CTRL+A: select all
  • <esc>: clear the selection
  • CTRL+C: copy the selection
  • CTRL+V: paste the copy buffer
  • CTRL+X: cut the selection
  • <delete>: delete the selection
  • <backspace>: delete the selection
  • CTRL+O: open a scene
  • CTRL+N: open a new scene
  • CTRL+S: save the scene
  • CTRL+W: close a scene
  • CTRL+Q: quit the application
  • CTRL+<space>: start/stop the simulation
  • CTRL+E: toggle between 1) normal, 2) object translation and 3) object rotation mouse mode
  • CTRL+D: open the object property dialog
  • CTRL+G: open the calculation module dialog
  • CTRL+B: adjust the view to fit selected objects, or the whole scene if no object is selected. The focus needs to be on a view.