SurfaceReconstruction Plugin API reference

API functions for surface reconstruction from point clouds


Description Reconstruct a mesh from the given point cloud
Lua synopsis int shapeHandle=simSurfRec.reconstruct_scale_space(int pointCloudHandle, int iterations=4, int neighbors=12, int samples=300, float squared_radius=-1.0)
Lua parameters
pointCloudHandle (int): handle of the point cloud
iterations (int, default: 4): number of iterations
neighbors (int, default: 12): number of neighbors a point's neighborhood should contain on average
samples (int, default: 300): number of points sampled to estimate the neighborhood radius
squared_radius (float, default: -1.0): neighborhood squared radius used for principal component analysis. if this is positive, neighbors and samples will be ignored
Lua return values
shapeHandle (int): handle of the shape with the reconstructed mesh, or -1 if failed
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