Regular API function

simCheckIkGroup / sim.checkIkGroup

Description Solves a registered IK group, but unlike the sim.handleIkGroup function, sim.checkIkGroup will not apply the calculated joint values, but instead return them in an array. See also sim.handleIkGroup, sim.computeJacobian and sim.generateIkPath.
C synopsis simInt simCheckIkGroup(simInt ikGroupHandle,simInt jointCnt,const simInt* jointHandles,simFloat* jointValues,const simInt* jointOptions)
C parameters
ikGroupHandle: handle of the IK group. Only IK groups that are flagged as explicitely handled will be considered as valid handles for this function. See also simGetIkGroupHandle
jointCnt: the number of joint handles provided in the jointHandles array.
jointHandles (input): an array with jointCnt entries, that specifies the joint handles for the joints we wish to retrieve the values calculated by the IK.
jointValues (output): an array with jointCnt entries, that will receive the IK calculated joint values, as specified by the jointHandles array.
jointOptions: a bit-coded value corresponding to each specified joint handle. Can also be NULL. Bit 0 (i.e. (1) indicates the corresponding joint is dependent of another joint.
C return value
-1 in case of an error, otherwise an IK calculation result.
Lua synopsis number ikCalculationResult,table jointValues=sim.checkIkGroup(number ikGroupHandle,table jointHandles,table jointOptions=nil)
Lua parameters
Similar as C-function
Lua return values
Similar as C-function

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