Regular API function

simGetReferencedHandles / sim.getReferencedHandles

Description Retrieves a list of custom handles, linking a given object to other objects. See also sim.setReferencedHandles.
C synopsis simInt simGetReferencedHandles(simInt objectHandle,simInt** referencedHandles,simInt** reserved1,simInt** reserved2)
C parameters
objectHandle: handle of the scene object that stores the list of handles. Can be optionally combined with sim.handleflag_keeporiginal, in which case the handles that link to originals are retrieved.
referencedHandles: a pointer to a pointer that will be allocated and receive the list of handles. The user is in charge of releasing that buffer with simReleaseBuffer. Handles of following object types are supported: scene objects, collision objects, distance objects, IK groups and collections.
reserved1: reserved for future extensions
reserved2: reserved for future extensions
C return value
-1 in case of an error. Otherwise, the number of handles returned.
Lua synopsis table referencedHandles=sim.getReferencedHandles(number objectHandle)
Lua parameters
Similar to the C-function
Lua return values
Similar to the C-function

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