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Description Sends a message to plugins. This function should normally only be used from the main client application side. See also sim.loadModule and simBroadcastMessage.
C synopsis simVoid* simSendModuleMessage(simInt message,simInt* auxiliaryData,simVoid* customData,simInt* replyData)
C parameters
message: the message to send. Refer to sim_message_eventcallback_-type messages.
auxiliaryData: pointer to 4 integers. auxiliaryData[0] should be a unique identifier different from 0. Use a large random identifier, or better, your CoppeliaSim serial number if the message is yours. Otherwise, use the identifier of some other module. auxiliaryData[1] could be the messageID of the message you wish to send to another module. auxiliaryData[2] and auxiliaryData[3] can be any values specific to your application.
customData: customData of your application (the broadcaster is in charge to release that buffer). Can be NULL.
replyData: pointer to 4 integers that can be used by a module to reply to a broadcasted message. Can be NULL. If not NULL, all 4 values are automatically initialized to -1.

Broadcasted messages can be intercepted in a plugin's "simMessage"-function.
C return value
Pointer to custom reply data that can be used by a module to reply to a broadcasted message. The module that replies is in charge of allocating the data with simCreateBuffer and the original broadcaster is in charge of releasing that data with simReleaseBuffer. A reply to a broadcasted message is triggered by a module that writes a value different from -1 into auxiliaryData[0]-auxiliaryData[3], thus aborting further broadcast of the original message and returning to the broadcaster. If the return value is different from NULL, the broadcast is also interrupted.
Lua synopsis -
Lua parameters
Lua return values

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