Scenes and models

Scenes and models are CoppeliaSim's main simulation elements. A model is a sub-element of a scene, clearly marked as model. A scene may contain any number of models. Following figure illustrates the scene-model relationship:

[Scene and model]

Both, scenes and models, may contain one or several of following elements:

  • Objects
  • Collections
  • Collision objects
  • Distance objects
  • Inverse kinematics groups
  • Child scripts
  • Custom user interfaces
  • In addition to above elements, a scene will also contain following elements:

  • The environment
  • The main script
  • Pages and views
  • Scenes are saved in "*.ttt"-files, and models are saved in "*.ttm"-files. Both file types can be opened by dragging them from the explorer window and dropping them into the CoppeliaSim application. They can also be opened with a double-click.

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