"Wir haben V-REP RPO EVAL die letzten zwei Wochen evaluiert (u.a. ein Plugin für die Anbindung an das verwendete Roboter-Framework realisiert) und entschieden, es in unserem neuen Projekt zu verwenden. Es gefällt uns wirklich gut."

- Max R.

"I learned of V-REP through the EdX.org course from ETH on Autonomous Robots. V-REP is incredible, I am thoroughly impressed! Keep up the good work!"

- Max O.

"Ich habe einige Beispiele von v-rep gesehen und bin begeistert von den vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten"

- Patrick V.

"Thanks for... and the outstanding simulator."

- Sung K.

"We figure your software out and it's really impressive."

- Maik P.

"Thanks to the Team V-REP for the nice software and their help on the forum. It helped me a lot understanding the basics."

- V-REP forum user

"Thank you for creating such an awesome application."

- V-REP forum user

"I teach and research robotics. I must congratulate you on creating something very unique and great. V-REP has tremendous amount of features which can't be find elsewhere. The best of all - it's free for educational entities. Actually, I'm deeply impressed by V-REP."

- Guoqing Z.

"My students was amazed with the software."

- Mohamed M.

"The most powerful simulator I came across is "V-REP", which is free for educational purposes.

- El. Z.

"I use V-REP extensively and have been extremely happy with it. The developers are extremely responsive and there is a free to use version for non-commercial purposes. They also have a great demo video outlining the features in V-REP. I've also spent a couple of months using gazebo but moved away from it because they tend to like to take their own path with fun features that aren't necessarily critical to actually simulating robots. This is based on my interactions with the developers, in addition to the experiences of others I know. "

- Andrew H.

 "... I am amazed with the number of presets it has and the ease with which we can make it work."

- V-REP forum user

"Fortunatelly, few months ago I discovered V-REP, a really well documented, intuitive and stable robot simulator. These qualities makes it a perfect match for a beginner like me! Without a clear "big" idea to implement and free from every hardware costs, I could begin learning some basic robot programming techniques with a powerful visual feedback."

- Nicola D. P.

"... and thank you very much for the amazing simulation program V-REP."

- Mohammad S.

"Since we are deeply entrenched into the education industry all over india, no college knows about the existence of such an excellent product and too free."

- Irani R.

"... and really loving it so far! :) Thank you goes for the developers!"

- V-REP forum user

"wow... How is it that I had no idea that V-REP existed? Thanks for opening my eyes to this software and it's capabilities."

- User on some forum

"We really enjoyed to work with v-rep."

- Pierre J. and Gurvan L. B.

"We discovered your software recently and we find it so interesting for us."

- Prof. Adel O.

"I am now working with V-Rep for about 18 Months and achieved some really nice things meanwhile with it in my company... you always are helpful and reply with thorough answers."

- Leander H.

"This software will be very useful for our robotics section in the future."

- Robin N.

"...product is great, best I have used."

- V-REP forum user

"...and I must congratulate you on creating something very unique and great. V-REP has thremendous amount of features which can't be find elsewhere and I wish I had time to go through them all. The fact that it is easily scalable and offers plenty of programming entry points was a "selling" point for me."

- Vojtech P.

"V-REP - is great system, and I sure will be very useful for education purposes."

- Ilya

"Actually, I'm really impressed by V-REP. Thanks for the app."

- Victor S.

"... I found and use V-REP and are super thrilled by it. Its a fantastic piece of software and I love playing with it."

- Florian P.

"Btw. this program is brilliant!"

- V-REP forum user

"In short, what we've found is very appealing for us. To be honest, using your software was a pleasure compared to using Gazebo. I wish I had found this tool much earlier."

- Matanya H.

"V-REP is a software for robot simulation , it is equipped lots of excellent functions . The best of all -- it's free !!! [For educational entities]"

- Taylor L.

"First of all thank you for the amazing simulator, I've just discovered it and it's awesome!"

- V-REP forum user

"I've downloaded your fantastic software V-REP for didactic purpose. I am a robotics hobbyist and I want thanks you to give me the possibility to use your precious software. Thanks you very much! Besides that I want to do so many compliments to you for what you have accomplished, I noticed that it is the result of years of hard work."

- V-REP forum user

"I'm new to this amazing simulator..."

- V-REP forum user

"I was using Gazebo to do the simulations, but after I watched this video: http://youtu.be/UUvMWOJMBbQ I installed V-REP and I have completely fallen in love :)"

- Ricardo de A.

"To test various ideas I turned to the VREP simulator and I must say that I`m fascinated by the possibilities it offers."

- V-REP forum user

"I recently started working with V-REP and I have to say it is really an amazing program!"

- V-REP forum user

"Brilliant. V-REP has everything!"

- V-REP forum user

"Wydaje się bardzo bogatym środowiskiem, wręcz wymarzonym do symulacji konstrukcji i zachowań małych i dużych robotów. Filmy w zakładce Videos i samouczki na YT robią wrażenie."

- User on some forum

"So far we're pretty impressed."

- Joshua H.

"Thank you for the quick and detailed answer and also thank you for the great work you are doing here :)"

- V-REP forum user

"I would like to thank you for this great tool..."

- V-REP forum user

"I simply loved V-REP for all its features and functionality. I thank you for providing such an advanced simulator for educational purposes."

- Prasad V.

"I would also like to add that V-REP is an incredibly cool program to work with and I am grateful that it is open-source!"

- Frank V.

"I am a new user of the V-REP simulator. It is fanstastic, thanks for that."

- Marcos C.

"I am testing you simulation tool in complex industrial automation and it has proven very capable... v-rep has been an essential tool for the research and ideation process. Vrep allowed us to prototype and study kinematics dynamics singularity workspace etc far better then any real prototype could."

- Preben H.

"Интерфейс понятный, как 3D редактор, красота"

- User on some forum

"... Thanks! Us at Berkeley are impressed with the product."

- Andrew C.

"I'm very impressed by the capabilities of V-REP and was interested in using it to help my students understand basic robotics concepts..."

- Patrick W.

"One of my students came across several of your Youtube videos outlining the use of your impressive open-source V-REP development tool..."

- Prof. Daniel L.

"Thank you once again for this beautiful piece of software!"

- V-REP forum user

"By the way, I can't thank you enough for the simulator, it's really awesome!"

- V-REP forum user

"Thank you for all your beautiful work"

- Filip J.

"V-REP y Gazebo son simuladores para robótica. V-REP por lo que puedo ver va un paso más adelante, realizar una simulación multirobot es más sencilla y presenta muchas más facilidades en cuanto a usabilidad e instalación."

- Italo F. V.

"... we are using your V-REP EDUCATIONAL PRO Simulator. We like it. It's very usefull."

- Sebastian Joel T.

"Anyway, this simulator is so cool especially in the sensors.It will help me a lot in research. Thanks."

- V-REP forum user

"It is the best and simpler simulator."

- Guillermo P.

"Keep it that the V-REP is a great simulator."

- V-REP forum user

"Thank you Coppelia for an amazing virtual world."

- Peri S.

"Recently I came across your Projects and Research Paper on "V-REP: A versatile and scalable robot simulation framework" and I highly admire your work."

- Sanket A.

"El V-REP este, una plataforma de simulación de robots virtuales, es bastante impresionante."

- Some tweet

"... I would like to thank you for this program. The first tests are very promising."

- Peter T.

"V-REP is impressive also (coming from using Gazebo a great deal over the past six months)."

- Lucas W.

"I did the first tutorials of v-rep, and was amazing. I like the realistic-dynamic relationship of the elements."

- Jose C.

"... I want to congratulate you for the V-REP software..."

- Nelson V.

"το πρωί, έπεσα τυχαία πάνω σε αυτό το πρόγραμμα... Νομίζω θα ενθουσιαστείτε όλοι, όσο κι εγώ!"

- User on some forum

"... thanks for providing us with such a powerful and joyful tool! Certainly this will give a chance to have a deep learning experience."

- V-REP forum user

"It's the first time I'm working with this brilliant simulator..."

- User on some forum

"... thanks for providing us with such a powerful and joyful tool! Certainly this will give a chance to have a deep learning experience."

- V-REP forum user

"C'est génial le mode headless!"

- Paul F.

"I used VREP Educational during my previous research at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and I found it very interesting and powerful."

- Marta N.

"von Ihrem Toolkit V-Rep bin ich als ProductOwner sehr überzeugt. Ich sehe V-Rep als eine der attraktivsten Simulations- und Engineeringplattformen an."

- Dr. Guenter S.

"Really great stuff..."

- V-REP forum user

"After looking through Coppelia Robotics' impressive profile..."

- Vasantharaj B.

"First, I would like to say that I'm really impressed with V-REP. I have tried some basic functions and everything feels great."

- Rayi Yanu T.

"V-REP is a very powerful software with so many features..."

- V-REP forum user

"i find that v-rep is an excellent software in robot simulation..."

- Haozy

"... I am now deeply impressed."

- Dr. Zhenjun L.

"I don't know how far my project would have come without V-REP and your support. But most likely not even close to where it is. Keep up the great work!"

- V-REP forum user

"Παρόλα αυτά πιστεύω ότι το V-REP είναι ένα πολύ αξιόλογο πρόγραμμα και θα έχει μεγάλη ανάπτυξη."

- Nikolaos P.

"I was just able to download the educational version of V-REP and love it! ... I plan on using this software as part of this unit of study. Being able to use this software on an educational license will benefit the students greatly!"

- Dr. James B.

"I just found your V-rep platform and it looks neat..."

- Brian T.

"In these days, I installed new simulator which name is V-REP. this simulator is very interesting. student use this simulator free."

- User on some forum

"I've started to use VREP for teaching this year, it's working great so far!"

- Dr. Renaud D.

"... let me congratulate Coppelia Robotics and Dr. Marc Freese for building this excellent software. Thank you very much for making it free to students as well."

- Joseph L.

"Ton logiciel est vraiment super, c'est fou tout ce que ca fait, je ne cesse de decouvrir de nouveau trucs."

- Martin C.

"... this simulator is pretty nice. Easy to use for starters, with a lot of different features to explore as you get familiar with the system."

- V-REP forum user

"Thank you a lot in advance for all the splendid work you are doing with this program..."

- V-REP forum user

"For my hobby is it the excellent solution. Thank you for your product."

- Jan K.

"Months ago I was looking for a kinematic and dynamic simulation software for my job needs. I was searching for something I thought it was impossible to find: an all purpose customizable kinematic and dynamic simulator, running also on Linux 64 bit, with a free and fully functional educational license and (of course) the possibility to have a commercial license. When I casually found your website (just changing "kinematics simulation" with "robotics simulation" in Google) and I read V-REP features, I realized that my search came to an end."

- Stefano V.

"... first I want to say thanks to Mr. Marc Andreas Freese for build a very good software... I fall in love with robotic after i see V-rep at YouTube."

- Willy L.

"We have been quite happy with the development of V-REP. The system is quite compelling."

- Aaron W.

"V-REP is really great for simulation purposes. I don't really have access to our robot that often and since I'm the main software developer in our team, it's sometimes hard to make progress without ability to test the latest changes. Keep up the great work!"

- V-REP forum user

"... I have made a robot project in Autodesk Inventor. I migrated my project to V-REP without any problems. I made some test and i was impressed with the speed of rendering a video with 100 robots in action..."

- Jan F.

"An impressive looking simulator; I am eager to begin experimenting with it."

- User on YouTube

"... first of all, you are doing a really nice job! v-rep is the way to go."

- Paulo

"Thank you for the excellent software"

- Xinyu Z.

"Thank you for your incredible software"

- David B.

"I wanted to thank you again. I was able to incorporate an invisible suction pad in to my model and it worked pretty much perfectly for my needs. And with your last post, I have a better understanding of how it works. Thanks again, you've built an awesome simulator here."

- V-REP forum user

"... your program is fantastic, congratulations..."

- Eduardo R.

"I use v-rep, its open source, and its very friendly..."

- User on some forum

"By the way, I think V-REP is a great product, particularly in the way it combines accessibility, so its quick to get started, with really powerful and extendable features."

- V-REP forum user

"First of all, I'm totally new to V-REP. The software-package looks quite impressive."

- Randy R.

"Thanks for building such a great piece of software and also releasing its source!"

- Ayberk O.

"... it looks so impressive..."

- User on some forum

"Hello, previously I want to thank for the great simulator that you make free for student use. I'm sure that will increment the robot researches around the world."

- Giordano

"First, I'd like to say that V-REP has been fantastic so far. It's intuitive, powerful and fun!"

- V-REP forum user

"... the product you have created looks great. However, I am very impressed with your work and V-Rep's power for mobile and advanced robotics. I only wish we had this tool when we were working on the control software for the 9 DOF manipulator..."

- Dr. David H.

"... congratulations for V-REP! The software seems really impressive and offers a lot of interesting feature for my current studies."

- Fiete B.

"...and i thank you for this wonderful simulation."

- Gabriel K.

"I was particularly impressed by your work and interest in the research and development of cutting edge technologies in fields as robotics and industrial automation simulations softwares."

- Giorgio Q.

"Thank you for creating some terrific software!!!"

- Andrew B.

"I decided to use V-rep for my research program since it is the best state-of-the-art simulator right now. So, first of all, congratulation for your work!"

- Marco C.

"... nice software, it is like Delmia."

- User on YouTube

"Also, thanks for making this great tools available. I am going to use it in my robotics course integrated with Matlab."

- Dr. Davide S.

"I'm very interested in this software, and would like to thank you for releasing it (to some users) as (partly) open source, and as a cross-platform application."

- Arthur B.

"Very impressive simulator you have."

- Dr. Georg M.

"We have experienced your V-rep application and are impressed by the possibilities."

- Peter N.

"I'm currently giving the v-rep simulator a try and it seems to be a great robot simulator!"

- Markus K.

"I just heard about your nice robot simulator V-REP."

- Dr. Eren A.

"... I want to congratulate your company for the product you are developing. V-Rep seems a very promising peace of software that could contribute to facilitate the realization of physically realistic simulations."

- Riccardo S.

"I finally got some time to look at V-Rep. First of all, I'm very pleased with it! It's exactly what we need for our project. It's easy to understand and completly configurable, awesome!"

- Ulrich S.

"Later we came across your software, contacted you. We found it highly user friendly and comparable with Actin."

- Jayakrishnan T.

"... the V-Rep simulator seems really exciting! I work on slam techniques and this simulator seems like nice tool to generate datasets (multiagent) for prototyping algos!"

- Pratik A.

"... I really like the product you are producing."

- Don T.

"I've played around with v-rep a bit, and it's a nice simulator. I highly recommend that you try it out..."

- Nate K.

"I'm a researcher and I used V-rep for mobile robots and I found it really well-performed and I think it is the best simulator at the moment (superior even to Gazebo)."

- Marco C.

"Looks very promising, congratulations :)"

- User on YouTube

"This is truly amazing. Good job."

- User on YouTube

"I like your platform very nice job. I can see myself using it in the future."

- User on YouTube

"... I think you are doing a great job and I hope more people will start using your simulator as an alternative to Gazebo."

- Luca M.

"V-REP is the most powerful robotics simulation tool i saw ever. I enjoyed a lot while preparing designs, models, etc. and also i came to know a number of "LOGICS"..."

- Mohanraj S.

"This morning I gave a look at the source code: impressive!"

- Pierre G.

"I'm honestly really impresed with what you have developted..."

- Ignacio T.

"I did have a look at your website and features of your software V-REP. It is a really exciting software and actually, perfectly fits to our field of study."

- Serkan C.

"I'm really impressed by V-REP based on using the evaluation version."

- Pat B.

"I am currently working on my Doctor dissertation. And I find V-REP is a excellent simulator."

- Qi W.

"I am carrying out my master's thesis research and I am using v-rep quite extensively. I must say again that is works incredibly well!"

- Svetlin P.

"I've done a proof of concept integration of V-REP with some software and hardware we are developing here... Every demonstration of this capability has gone extremely well. All of our mechanical and software engineers really love your tool."

- John S. D.

"Thanx for such a nice product, you're awesome!"

- Bogdan A.

"I have been learning about the V-REP and I find it very complete."

- Carlos N.

"I like your software very much and I think will be very beneficial to introduce it to our students."

- Dr. Pavel I.

"My software lead forwarded me the details on your V-REP simulator - most impressive!"

- Rich W.

"Btw a really great, feature rich simulator you have there!"

- Thomas K.

"Congratulations!!! I wish you all the best and really believe that V-REP will have an impact, because there is nothing comparable out there."

- Torsten K.

"... I would like to express my admiration for your amazing work!"

- Andrea M.

"... and V-Rep is certainly an amazing simulator."

- Hu Y.

"I searched for different simulators and I must say that v-rep is an outstanding piece of software - extremely powerful and yet very simple interface."

- Svetlin P.

"... that program is basically? the best of its kind. I tried once and i just can't stop using it."

- User on YouTube

"Vous aimez la robotique, la 3D et la simulation? Allez voir par ici : coppeliarobotics.com (et salivez devant les vidéos)"

- Twitter user

"I have to say you produced something that is very impressive indeed. I am currently completing my DPhil in robotics, unfortunately nothing like this existed when I started it! I can see this being a great research tool in the future."

- Gary M.

"... I just want to say: "Really impressive software".

- Torsten P.

"Your software is really amazing."

- Antonio

"I just heard of your simulation software and the results are quite impressive."

- Tyler R.

"... thank you guys for making such magnificent program."

- User on YouTube

"I downloaded your V-Rep simulator and was very impressed."

- Bob L.

"I'm much impressed by the V-REP project and what you do. We've also done lots of robotics simulations, but nothing in such an elegant platform such as V-REP."

- Kenneth B.

"You have a very fine piece of Software."

- Ernesto M.

"... and i was almost shocked when browsing bullet forum i'v met your post about v-rep, and the quality and ability of v-rep impressed me very-very much."

- Kirill V.