Callback scripts

A callback script is usually needed to customize low-level control loops. Three types of callback scripts are supported:

  • the contact callback script: the contact callback script lets you handle in a customized way each dynamic contact generated by the physics engine when two respondable objects collide.
  • joint control callback scripts: a joint control callback script lets you write customized low-level controllers for joints that are dynamically enabled.
  • the general callback script: each scene can have a general callback script that will be in charge of handling multi-purpose callback calls.
  • Following caracterizes a callback script:

  • a callback script always runs non-threaded.
  • a callback script might be called more than once for each simulation step.
  • a callback script handles low-level control items that the user wishes to customize. They should execute as quickly as possible, to avoid slowing down a simulation (this is particularly true for the contact callback script).

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